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Deploying a git Repository with rsync and Tagging

Streamline deploying a git repository using rsync and tagging.


Best TextMate “Meta” Bundle: GetBundles

  TextMate has quickly become my absolute favorite editor. It loads quickly, is endlessly extensible, and in general, stays out of your way unless you need some help.


Getting Started with iOS Web Applications: Block Best Practices

Being relatively new to building Web applications for iPhone, iPad and other Webkit/iOS browsers, I’ve been spending more and more time searching through the Apple Developer Safari Reference Library.


Getting More Done, Mac Edition

Lately, I’ve started implementing David Allen’s GTD framework for “Getting Things Done.” I’ve never been a huge fan of life coaches, “creative visualization to get what you want in life,” and all the touchy-feely “my...


Getting Boxee and XBMC Back after the Apple TV 3.0.1 Update

The Apple TV has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it has some “features” that limit its usefulness out of the box. Thankfully, some really smart people have stepped in to leverage third-party components, extending its capabilities that bring it one step closer to being a fantastic HTPC.


Usability & the NYC MTA MetroCard

Not that the MTA is known for providing a good experience… but… I purchase a pre-tax monthly MTA MetroCard through a program at work, and I’ve noticed something inconsistent. When I drop my card...


Enabling Flash Video (FLV) Playback on Windows IIS

Here’s another “gotcha” courtesy of Microsoft: by default, IIS doesn’t include a MIME type for Flash Video (FLV) files, resulting in a 404 Not Found error whenever you try to access the file. One...


Opt-Out of “Interest Based Ads” from Google and Other Ad Networks

While I don’t consider myself to be paranoid about being tracked around the Web, I still value my privacy. I also don’t like companies making money off of me (unless I’m getting a cut,...


Troubleshooting jQuery in WordPress Themes

Here’s another “oh yeah, I always forget about that” geek item. I spent a few hours today going nuts trying to figure out why the jQuery Cycle plug-in wasn’t working in a new theme...


WordPress Theme Check List/Cheat Sheet

Stefan Vervoort over at has published a great cheat sheet for developing WordPress themes. It’s available in PDF format, so as he suggests, if you build themes print it out and put it on your wall. When I’m building a WordPress theme, I always forget something along the line (when I go into “programmer mode” I get a little lazy sometimes, alright?) — this makes sure I cover off on all the elements.

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