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Lists, Notes & Files

I’m really just getting started with lists, and keep bouncing between Google Docs and Evernote, and haven’t really found the dividing line between the two. Evernote is much easier on mobile, and great for capturing data, but Google Docs is simpler for structured and sorted lists.


From The Evernote Corporation. Basic service/software is free; premium services available starting at $5/month.

I use Evernote when I want to capture information to use or refer to later. This can mean images, links and other content. For example, I’m shopping for a dining table — I can capture images I take in a shop, links to tables I like online, etc.

Google Documents

From Google, obviously. Free.

I use Google Docs for two primary purposes: (1) to collaborate on documents with clients, co-workers and friends, and (2) as a repository of places I like in cities that I frequently visit.

One problem that I’ve yet to solve is the fact that I can’t easily map or access phone numbers for my places lists. I’ve thought about putting them into my address book as separate folders, but then I can’t easily sort. For instance, say I’m in the West Village and need to buy a birthday card. I can easily go into my New York Google Doc and filter down to shops that I like in the West Village that would have cards. If I had everything in my address book, this wouldn’t  be possible.


Basic (up to 2GB storage) is free, monthly fees starting at $10 for additional storage.
One of the greatest tools I use – mainly because it is so transparent to my life now. It runs in the background on all three computers I use on a regular basis, plus my iPhone and through a Web interface. it gives me access to project-related and frequently-accessed files, synchronized across all machines.

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