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Best TextMate “Meta” Bundle: GetBundles

  TextMate has quickly become my absolute favorite editor. It loads quickly, is endlessly extensible, and in general, stays out of your way unless you need some help.


Getting More Done, Mac Edition

Lately, I’ve started implementing¬†David Allen’s GTD framework for “Getting Things Done.” I’ve never been a huge fan of life coaches, “creative visualization to get what you want in life,” and all the touchy-feely “my...


Opt-Out of “Interest Based Ads” from Google and Other Ad Networks

While I don’t consider myself to be paranoid about being tracked around the Web, I still value my privacy. I also don’t like companies making money off of me (unless I’m getting a cut,...


WordPress Best Practices for the Newbie – Part 1: Before the Blog

After performing countless installs of WordPress, I’ve learned a few things about how to make it work more effectively, and how to avoid some common pitfalls that I’ve never seen in any of the documentation. This is part one of three; it deals primarily with the decisions you need to make before you write your first post. Subsequent posts will discuss different aspects of WordPress and the “Best Practices for Non-Geeks.”

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